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Alpro EL900 Electric Release


The Alpro Electric Release is compatible with Aluminium and Timber frames.


Alpro EL900 Electric Release 

The Alpro EL900 Electric Release is supplied with both long (200mm separate) and short faceplates (124mm fitted) and a 25mm extension lip and while available in both fail safe and fail secure. These releases can be easily converted on site. Simply select the voltage required and whether monitoring is required or not. Compatible with Aluminium and Timber frames

Technical Details:

  • Type: Mortice.
  • Style: ANSI.
  • Jaw: None adjustable
  • Compatible with Aluminium and Timber frames.
  • Field Reversible: Fail safe monitored.
  • Holding Force: 1380kg.
  • Features: 13mm latch accommodation (incl. 3mm air gap


  • Dimensions: (H) 124mm x (W) 42mm x (D) 31mm.
  • Current Consumption available:300mA at 12v DC, 150mA at 24v DC.
Operation: Fail Safe, Fail Secure, Fail Secure Monitored, Fail Safe Monitored
Operating Voltage: 12 v DC, 24 v DC

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